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It was a pleasure working with Roxane who sold my home in three day. If you are looking for someone who understands the importance of detail, follow through and honesty, look no further. Exponential t... Read more

James Kolesar

Roxane Solowey was recommended by a relative and we were pleasantly surprised how quickly she was able to sell our apartment and for a very good price. We are very grateful to her for doing this, a... Read more

Zoya J.

I met Roxane at an open house she was having for another client. I knew instantly that this was the woman I wanted to do business with. She has this innate ability to make you open up about what you... Read more

Adam Frack

I met Roxane at an open house and felt an immediate connection with her. She was attentive, asked excellent questions, and was very knowledgeable about the area. She worked tirelessly to help me dis... Read more

Melanie Lewandowski

Well we thought purchasing a place in FLA was going to be easy Peasy. Not exactly the case. After months of looking and scouring Florida and it’s multitude of communities and cities we got paired up... Read more

Andy Marcolini
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Explore, Learn, Prosper: As a child, my family moved to a different part of the country every two years (Oklahoma, Virginia, Florida, Indiana) and I traveled extensively in my first career as a professional musician (US, Europe, Far East). Since 1992 Sarasota has been my home and provided many unique areas to explore as a wife, learn about as a mother, and prosper- first as a homeowner/landlord and then as a renovation project manager and Realtor®. I can show you why Sarasota and its surrounding areas have become international tourist destinations while also being a fulfilling place to live, raise a family, and retire. Let me give you a tour and help you achieve your goals with Integrity you can trust and Compassion for your needs.

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